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Telstra Networking Issue - 8:07 PM EST / 12:07 AM UTC / 10:07 AM AEST

Fellow Gamers,

There is currently a networking issue affecting Telstra customers in Australia who cannot connect to some servers. Telstra customers are failing to route properly behind a Telstra specific edge router. We recommend contacting Telstra and reporting this, as the issue is on their end. If users are able to provide traceroutes to Telstra Technical Support, that would be helpful to them in resolving this disruption. Telstra 24x7 Chat:

Users experiencing issues can follow these steps to run a traceroute in Windows:

1.) On the keyboard: press Windows Key + R
2.) Type "cmd" and the Command Prompt will open
3.) Type: tracert (server address). Example: tracert
4.) Allow the traceroute to run

Once it completes, that is the information that Telstra will need.

We are hopeful that Telstra will resolve this issue soon. Thank you for your patience.

-LightSpeed Gaming
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