Ventrilo Server Pricing

  • Increase or decrease your server's slots(users) anytime in our control panel.
  • Slots are the maximum number of users that can connect on your server at the same time.
  • The following prices may differ for some server locations.
  • All Prices are in USD currency.
(Max Users)
24 months
50% off
12 months
40% off
6 months
20% off
3 months
10% off
1 month
0% off
15 slots $90.00$54.00$36.00$20.25$7.50
25 slots $138.00$82.80$55.20$31.05$11.50
35 slots $186.00$111.60$74.40$41.85$15.50
50 slots $258.00$154.80$103.20$58.05$21.50
75 slots $372.00$223.20$148.80$83.70$31.00
100 slots $444.00$266.40$177.60$99.90$37.00
150 slots $666.00$399.60$266.40$149.85$55.50
200 slots $852.00$511.20$340.80$191.70$71.00
300 slots $1260.00$756.00$504.00$283.50$105.00
400 slots $1560.00$936.00$624.00$351.00$130.00
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