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August 26th 01:36 PM EST US East Network Issue / Packetloss and High Latency

Dear Clients,

There is currently a networking issue - a fiber cut - affecting our US East location. We have contacted our connection provider and they will provide an update when they obtain new information.

We are sorry for any inconvenience that this may be causing you and your group.

We will update this news post as we gather any new information on the matter.

Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE#4: 27-Aug-2014 02:22 UTC (Aug 26, 2014 10:22PM EDT)
Information from our datacenter provider:
We have received and update from the provider that they are pull the new fiber and have to yet to begin splicing it. We will post an update as soon a new estimated time to repair is provided.

We do not yet have an updated ETR. As of this time the new fiber is still being pulled through the conduits and is delayed by the crews being unable to pull through the conduit. When information is available we will notify here. We appreciate the patience while this issue is resolved.

UPDATE#3: 26-Aug-2014 19:58 UTC (Aug 26, 2014 03:58PM EDT)
Information from our datacenter provider:
We have received an update from the provider that Fiber crews will need to replace 2500 - 3000 ft of cable. The new fiber reel is en route and the crews are expecting to have the new cable spliced by 2014-08-27 2:00 UTC.

UPDATE#2: 26-Aug-2014 17:31 UTC (Aug 26, 2014 01:31PM EDT)
Information from our datacenter provider:
As of 26-Aug-2014 17:26 UTC, all of links between WDC01 went WDC02 went offline, briefly isolating customer servers and customer virtual server instances in WDC01 from the rest of internet and our other datacenters for 6 minutes.

Network staff are investigating, however at this time we are still operating with reduced redundancy/capacity in the WDC01 datacenter.

UPDATE#1: 26-Aug-2014 16:48 UTC (Aug 26, 2014 12:48PM EDT)
Information from our datacenter provider:
As of 26-Aug-2014 15:47, multiple redundant links between the Datacneter Aggregation Routers (DAR) in WDC01 and the Backbone routers in WDC02 (BBR) are offline.

The Networking team is working with the provider to restore service to the affected links as quickly as possible. However, the provider has identified that a fiber cut is responsible and that technicians have been dispatched to correct the issue.

Due to the reduction in overall network capacity between WDC01 and backbone network, while these links are out of service customers may experience higher than normal network latency and some packet loss from customer server and/or customer virtual server instance in the WDC01 PODs.

Traffic between customer servers and customer virtual server instances within WDC01 datacenter is unaffected.
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