Ventrilo Server Status on your PHPNuke Website

  1. Download block-Ventrilo_Status.php from

  2. Create, customize, and then copy the server status block from

  3. Open block-Ventrilo_Status.php with Wordpad or Notepad

  4. Paste it into block-Ventrilo_Status.php between the two lines that read “REPLACE BELOW THIS LINE” and “REPLACE ABOVE THIS LINE” like so:

  1. Save the PHP file and close Wordpad

  2. FTP / Upload block-Ventrilo_Status.php onto your webserver into the phpnuke\blocks\ folder

  3. Go into your administration panel of PHPNuke and click “Blocks”

  4. Scroll down to “Add a New Block”

  5. Enter the title you would like this block to have (eg. Our Vent Status) and on the Filename dropdown box, select “Ventrilo Status”. If you don't see Ventrilo Status here, then the block-Ventrilo_Status.php file was not uploaded correctly.

  6. Click “Create Block” and it should now appear in the list. You can now position it wherever you would like using the controls inside PHPNuke. If you don't know how to do that, please read the PHPNuke instructions. Anytime you would like to edit this block, you can regenerate the HTML on the lightspeed gaming website and simply edit block-Ventrilo_Status.php and paste in the new HTML between the lines, and then reupload it to your web server.